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Blyss Cleansing Brush

Top Seller

Are you tired of struggling with skin issues like clogged pores, dull complexion, and uneven texture? Say goodbye to all your skincare woes with this amazing Miss Kay Collection Blyss Cleansing Brush! This cleansing brush is Ultra-hygienic with a silicone head. It cleans and massages, stimulates circulation and promotes collagen production. With its four different setting you will be sure to find the perfect setting to cater to your skin's needs! It is fully waterproof making it perfect for the shower! It's battery is fully rechargeable, this little beauty tool will transform your skincare routine like never before!

Mystical Skincare Wand

Top Seller

An eye and lip anti-aging treatment like never before. Miss Kay's Mystical Skincare Wand contains the benefits of Jade stones, ultrasonic vibration, heat therapy and multicolored LED allowing for a relaxing and complete skin care experience.
The vibrating heated jade eye massager has three types of photo therapy:
*Blue light for short wave lengths of 400 & 470 nm which accelerates skin healing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, controls sebum production, soothes skin and relieves eye fatigue*Red light for longer wave length 630 & 700 nm which accelerates skin metabolism, promotes fibroblast proliferation, promotes skins firmness and removes fine lines.*Green light for 700 nm wave length which removes dark circles under the eye, lightens spots and inhibits melanin production.
The high frequency vibration massages to promote cell and skin regeneration, relives skin tension and eliminates fatigue. It awakes the skins elasticity, improves eyelid relaxation, tightens and rejuvenates the skin.


Mask Brush with Spatula

New Addition

One of our most requested tools! Simplify your life and declutter your space with this two in one Brush and Spatula. One end for dispensing product the other end for applying product during your skincare.

Reusable Microfiber Rounds - 20 pk

Top Seller

Looking to reduce waste during your at home skincare routine? These black microfiber washable rounds are a perfect addition to your routine or makeup removal. Each set comes with 20 rounds and a reusable washable bag.

Rose Gold Cold Globes 2.jpeg

Glyde Cold Globe

Featured Item

Cold massage globes for face or body. Excellent for puffy eyes or dark circles. Made of a high quality borosilicate glass, and inner is Cosmetic Grade polymer gel liquid. Non-toxic and reusable, ecofriendly. Will not freeze if kept in freezer.

High Frequency Skin Therapy Machine

New Addition

Deliver visible results using this professional high frequency skin therapy machine. With four different electrodes this machine helps to calm the nerves, has analgesic properties, it can improve secretion, accelerate blood flow, improve metabolism, and it can also help with anti aging, anti wrinkle and skin tightening. The Four Electrodes included: Comb electrode - used to improve blood supply to the skin, reduce hair thinning and loss. Spoon electrode - use for a sensitive skin ares such as dark circles under the eyes. Mushroom electrode - use for general skin treatment such as cheeks, forehead, neck and jawline. Bend electrode - used for local inflammation of the skin.

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